Sunday, June 17, 2007

Do You Believe In Magic?

What seems to be absurdity is fast turning into impunity. COMELEC chairman Benjamin Abalos intends to get to the "bottom" of things regarding the Maguindanao polls. To root out the truth(?) kuno, Abalos will be heading to Maguindanao to inspect supposed to be authentic election documents that will show that elections really took place.

But wait, reports from witnesses have said that election documents have been tampered. In another absurd turn of events, Abalos would still make the trip to canvass fakes? Did TU and the COMELEC buy enough time to put everything in order? Has Koko Pimentel played into their trap?

The late Musa Dimsidsing and three missing witnesses have affirmed reports of fraud. Fake CoCs have been unearthed and a totally improbable 12-0 blast by the TU was presented by Lintang Bedol. With supporting documents missing and weeks of delay,cheats could have easily manufactured new documents and give Migz Zubiri the final seat in the senate.

The objective now is to condition the mind of the suspecting public. If they can sway the perception to their side, this will pave the way for successfully defrauding the electorate. We must bear in mind the long delay in the canvass, the missing three witnesses, the continued existence of Bedol and the perseverance of the political operators. Add the absurdity of the COMELEC and you have the perfect recipe for electoral fraud.

For me, the die is set. The last phase is to declare the so-called authentic election documents in the hands of the local candidates genuine. I'm sure they have taken into account the small lead Pimentel has over Zubiri. Migz have been bannering how he could easily take out Koko with the Maguindanao Cocs. This reinforces my suspicion that they will try to the very end to cheat Pimentel out of the senate.

TU first floated the 12-0 during the campaign and now Migz is boasting that Maguindanao is his turf. These are tell-tale signs that something is afoot. And they want the people to believe in these myths. A magic trick is convincing only if the magician's hand is fast enough. It works only if it is done "cleanly". It only works if the audience believes its true. All these are not present in this electoral magic the cheats are performing. There is a long delay, the documentations are not cleanly executed and the people a skeptical. Should Migz Zubiri be declared the winner by the COMELEC and the people accept it, then MAGIC really works.