Sunday, November 25, 2007

When The Going Gets Tough, Look Busy

Scandals galore continue to hit the Arroyo government. And even the World Bank has joined the fray. While the request of the UN-WGEID (UN Working Group on Enforced and Involuntary Disappearances) gathers dust on Gloria's table, Central Philippines is battered by successive typhoons. Blasts has hit Metro Manila and the PNP is hard-pressed to come up with answers.

Bribery, kickbacks, pardons left and right and stonewalling investigations, light is slowly waning in GMA's palace. So to look good and somehow convince the people she's doing something, she calls a command conference to find out what her loyal buffoons are up to. I am sure this is just another stage play in Gloria's attempt to show she cares.

Judging from her body language, she looked bored, and at times sleepy. I am sure that at the back of her head, she must be dreaming of her soft bed in the palace. Such is the life of a despot who tries to hold on to power. Sincerity was never a trait, even at trying to look like she is just too obvious its all an act. Just look at how she will squeeze every centavo from our senior citizens while she gives tax discounts to cigarette manufacturers.

What gives, she doesn't really care. Her main focus is survival. As if God has heard our prayers, the typhoon spares an already desperate Bicol. Damage to crops and property manageable with most affected communities evacuated. Its tough being an illegitimate president, one who is hounded by ghosts of her crimes. She should be thankful its typhoon season as most are too occupied and her scandals drowned out.

Its tough times for Gloria, even tougher than the Garci episode. Now, more concrete evidences link her and beloved partner. International organizations slowly see the truth. No more diplomacy or sweet talk can her. She now sits alone with her dogs at her feet just waiting when the whole charade ends. Like any dictator, acting is an essential part of her everyday life. She has to create a script and a scene she will be comfortable in. Her motto: "Whan the going gets tough, look busy."