Thursday, November 08, 2007

Clueless My Ass!

Now DILG Sec. Ronaldo Puno claims he was the last to know about the cash gifts handed out by their party during a Malacañang meeting last Oct. 11. With his neck on the line, he now tries his best to shield himself and Gloria from this bribery issue. The more it gets murkier by the minute as everyone tries to protect their asses.

Funny how GMA and her minions are now like a headless chicken. Kampi has lost its cohesion and with every word they utter, the more they dig their own graves. How I wish they are doing this literally, its still November anyway. Its too late in the game and the web of lies they weave has snared them instead.

Puno and Kampi are in for more more trouble as its members will try to distance themselves from the issue. Political survival of every party member is at stake. Gloria's allies in the senate are now singing a different tune and are actually supporting a senate investigating. The shit had hit the fan and everybody's running, trying to avoid getting hit.

I am clueless says Puno and Luis Villafuerte echoes his claim. Their plan backfired. Gloria is now covered in muck. Puno may have thought that they can easily get away with bribery. They forgot the there is a priest and a pastor in their midst. These will not simply go along with their lying ways.

No controversy will cover up this mess they created. JdV may still end up having the last laugh as his hardliners are beating their chests. They are still a very potent force and will not easily join Kampi in protecting GMA. I am sure that JdV left them instructions on how to deal with Gloria. JdV is a wily adversary and cold-hearted operator.

Better make up a more believable alibi Mr. Puno. You may fool people some time but not all the time. Their next round of statements will surely be more absurd. If Puno and Villafuerte says they're clueless, Gloria will be singing, "don't let me be the last to know". So the lying continues until they lie themselves to oblivion. As for me and the rest of the Filipinos who have had enough of GMA's lies. As in Bart Simpson's famous line, we say, "EAT MY SHORTS!"