Saturday, November 10, 2007

Johnny Come Lately

So after the palace failed to kick JdV out, they send Johny Enrile to attack JdV. Enrile, the face behind the coups against Cory, one of those who manipulated and exploited the crowds of EDSA 3, the guy who promised us lower power rates and one of the biggest loggers of our country is now the designated hitter for Gloria.

He now comes out to "expose" JdV's role in the NorthRail scandal. In another bid to confuse and divert the people's focus on the bribery scandals besetting GMA, they have to create another issue. Enrile has debts to pay Gloria. He was spared, just like Miriam, in the violent rally of masses back in may 2001. His company was given by the DENR to cut trees in a "PROTECTED RESERVE".

Time and again, Enrile tried to demolish the testimony and the credibility of Joey de Venecia to no avail. Joey sunk everything Enrile threw at him. The accusation of Enrile are 2 years late. This only shows what the real motive behind his expose is. But the people are fed up with this administration's PANGGAGAGO. We know too well where Enrile is coming from.

Lakas is flexing its muscle in the house and the administration knows that JdV cannot simply be put down. He has cards up his sleeve that could destroy Gloria. The bribery in Malacañang was not limited to Gloria's party, Kampi. Members of the Liberal Party aslo claimed they received cash. JdV can easily turn the tables on GMA and this is why she had sent her mercenaries to clobber JdV. We know JdV is not clean but GMA is far worst.

So now Johnny, the Jurassic tradpol who continues to reinvent himself has taken the fight to JdV. The persistent Enrile who has not learned his lesson from Joey's trouncing will have his hands full. JdV, one of the best "statesmen" congress ever had will surely not back down. Johnny could end up with 2 blackeyes from the father and son. He and Joker surely is a pair we could have lots of fun with. They both are "abogagos" who could give our top comedians a run for their money.

Signs are all over the place, GMA's time could be almost up and its just a matter of time before the final bell rings. Her arrogance and complacency has taken its toll. Her allies realize this. They just made too many blunders that could not be rectified. The clock is winding down, her last 2 minutes is almost over. The only question now is Noli de Castro, ready? I hope he is as the seat of power is within his grasp.