Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Let's Do The Twist

LLP claimed that the money given to governors came from their funds. Now it the congress's turn, Deputy Speaker Amelita Villarosa claims that the money given to congressmen came from KAMPI. This is came after the submission of the opposition's supplemental impeachment complaint.

If I remember right, Ronnie Puno had claimed that the money distributed in Malacanang came from JdV. As we all know, Puno is a bigshot in KAMPI and its simply impossible for him not to be aware of any disbursement of KAMPI funds. To further confuse us, Villarosa now comes out to take the bullet for Gloria who is the founder KAMPI.

The LLP first came out to claim that the league gave cash to Govs. Panlilio and Mendoza. This was the first twist which failed misserably. Rep. Abante during his speech in congress named Villarosa as the one who was responsible for the cash dole-outs. But what is bewildering is why KAMPI would give "aid" to Abante who is a LAKAS-CMD member. I'm sure that KAMPI will never give funds to a non-member.

Villarosa had to come out to protect GMA from being directly link to bribery, its an impeachable offense. As they say, "if you can't convince them, confuse them". So this is what the administration is now doing. To muddle the issue and deflect the blame from Gloria, they are putting twists, not just spins on the bribery issue.

Villarosa, GMA's constant companion is the wife of former congressman Jose Villarosa who is convicted murderer and is currently serving time for masterminding the killing of his political opponent. Rumors have it that Villarosa is working on the pardon of her husband. No wonder she would rather be a sacrificial lamb for the embattled GMA.

But the people I am sure will not be taken by this very late claim. The Filipino have learned not to believe the web of lies that Gloria and her allies weave. Its too late to rectify their very blatant mistake. We are not a nation of fools. Gloria will have a very bumpy ride from now on. The succession of blunders is just too glaring and even a grade one pupil can easily see through their screen.

So the table have been turned. Erap reeling from the backlash of his pardon will support an impeachment. Twenty-five of JdV's supporters have shown their true sentiments by voting with the opposition on amendments to the house rules concerning impeachment. And I am sure that those who were not present would surely have voted for the amendments as well.

The chink in the administration coalition had grown into a big crack. Gloria would like us to do her twist but no dice. We are not dancing to her tune, we do not have two left feet like her. We don't waddle our asses like an ugly duck. Keep your lies to yourselves, sawa na kami sa pang-gagago niyo!