Thursday, November 29, 2007

When Dogs Run Wild

The Alston report is finally out, and it points to the military as perpetrators of extrajudicial killings. As expected, Esperon is once again dismayed. PNP Chief Avelino Razon also questions the report. We all know about the sham Task Force Usig and Melo Commission. These were creations of GMA to cover up the mess she and her dogs created.

Gloria herself called for an all-out war against the left. It was so sweeping that it justifies and legalizes the use of covert actions against those perceived to be enemies of the state. So everybody became fair game to an inhuman military leadership, even legitimate opposition were lumped with the insurgents. The military will of course deny such actions. Not all units are used for these operations. I am sure that only a select few conduct these operations.

This is now a problem we all must face. Gloria has allowed her dogs to run wild. They instill fear in all critics of the current dispensation. Gloria has to keep the military leadership close to her. She has to keep them happy long after they retire. Just look at how many retired police and military men occupy high positions in government. Gloria's "savior" in EDSA 2, Gen. (ret.) Angelo Reyes have been bouncing around different cabinet positions. He paved the way for GMA's power grab in 2001.

Generals tapped for electoral fraud in 2004 have been given top posts in the military hierarchy. Esperon, Gloria's top dog has been abusing the doctrine of "chain of command" to keep the lowly soldier in line no matter how immoral the orders may be. Those who stand for their constitutionally mandated duties are quickly dealt with and charged in military courts.

Such is the current state of lawlessness in the Philippines. Impunity is the order of the day. Those tasked to protect the people had thrown their principles out the window. They have become mercenaries for an illegitimate and greedy regime. Men who were taught to adhere to the ideals of professional soldiering are reduced to dogs of a despot-wannabe.

The killings have waned since the UN took interest in the Philippine situation. GMA's dogs have stood down lest they run the risk of an outright international condemnation. So life goes on in the enchanted kingdom of Gloria. I am sure she is just biding her time and waiting for things to cool down. I hope the international community will not abandon the Filipino people. I hope they keep their watch or Gloria will once again set her dogs loose to run wild among the populace.