Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Tagged By Two

I know, I know, some would react. Some of you who have tagged me have been waiting for months now. Melai and Nick leads the pack. But as of late, Kris (Nightdreamer) and Elay (Flygirl) have tagged me. Kris wants to know why I blog and Elay wants to know 7 things about me.

I seldom do this but I suppose I have to now.

To Kris who's been a faithful reader and a friend, here are 5 reasons why I blog.

  1. I want to share my views on the goings on in our country.
  2. I want to open the eyes of the youth and if possible, influence them to take a more proactive role in nation building.
  3. I blog for advocacy and what better way to get the message across through blogging.
  4. I have to make a stand against corrupt leaders and this is one way of expressing my disgust.
  5. I am an idealist and this is one way of sharing my principles and ideals.

Elay, here are 7 things you have to know about me.

  1. I love pizza and tacos.
  2. I too love planes.
  3. I collect models, from cars to ships.
  4. I hate bigots.
  5. I love making friends.
  6. I call my younger blogging friends, anak (that includes you).
  7. I love video games.