Thursday, November 29, 2007

News Update! Trillanes And Lim Walkout (UPDATED)

Senator Trillanes and Gen. Danny Lim walked out of the Makati RTC which was hearing the case of Sen. Trillanes. The group now is in Manila Peninsula. The MPs tasked to secure the two merely followed them. They were joined by former VP Guingona and former UP pres. Nemezio.

Guests were not disturbed and some even showed support. Esperon has issued a statement that the MPs were ordered not to intervene. The group has settled in and has issued a statement calling on the military and the people to withdraw their support of the Arroyo administration.

DnD sec. Teodoro said that they will use the full force of the law and that he has been ordered to rearrest the group. Civilians also brought out Magdalo armbands to show support for the group.

On a different light, Viviene Yuchengco speaking from the PSE said that the AFPshould deploy snipers and shoot the group. Talk about pure stupidity. This woman obviously has no other concern but money.

Some bishops have also joined the group at the Manila Pen.

12:53 PM - Marines are moving from Fort Bonifacio. Some marines wearing orange markers are reported to have joined the group.

1:19 PM - Riot units of Navy deploy. Marines wearing orange markers join Lim and Trillanes.

1:26 PM - About 300 troops cordon off the Manila Pen area. Whose side they're on is unclear. They refuse to comment when asked. Replying only that they are following orders.

1:49 PM - Arrest orders have been issued by Malacañang. Negotiations have started and all occupants are asked to vacate the hotel.

2:00 PM - Malacanang holds a press-con. As expected, Lito Atienza had a mouthful to say about the rule of law(?) and the church's role.

2:26 PM - DOJ sec. Gonzalez says there is connivance between civilians and the group of trilanes and Lim.

2:39 PM - NCRPO chief Barrias delivers 3 PM ultimatum. He said he will effect arrests after. Use of force is not ruled out by Barrias. Mkti RTC judge issues warrant of arrest for contempt. Barrias was driven out of the hotel by a Magdalo member.

2:42 PM - Guests start evacuating the hotel. Trillanes speaks. He says that nothing will happen after 3PM. He also points out that AFP is not 100% behind GMA. He also stressed that's they are merely following the lead of the people and that its the people's choice whether they would like GMA to continue to make a mockery of our democracy.

3:09 PM - Way past the deadline, 4 phone numbers were given so the people may call in their support.

3:11 PM - DBM sec. Andaya tries to interpret law as he sees fit.

3:15 PM - DOTC sec. Mendoza of the ZTE fame tries to "scare" media into giving airtime to Trillanes. He was quick however to laud media for a fair reporting of the ongoing standoff.

It now boils down to how one views the constitution and the abuse of the doctrine of the chain of command. Men in uniform have become automatons, devoid of principles, and common sense.

Donald Dee meantime says that actions like this could bring down the entire country. From my point of view, its only Gloria's ass that's on the line.

3:35 PM - Trillanes goes down to the lobby to escort some guests out of the building. Magdalo still control the entrance of the hotel.

3:40 PM - Police are asking media to leave. Trillanes and his group remain steadfast and will fight if they have to.

3:58 PM - Barrias says SWAT ready to storm hotel any minute now.

4:02 PM - SWAT slowly approach hotel as warning shot rang out.

4:03 PM - V-150 apc moves with SAF closely moving with it.

4:05 PM - Some guests are still inside with Magdalo showing them out.

4:14 PM - Troops crouch closer to hotel. Apc now in the driveway behind the hotel.

4:17 PM - Media are herded into one side of the lobby. Local and foreign media comprise the group.

4:20 PM - Trillanes say people are being blocked from going near the hotel. He adds that they are just waiting for things to unfold.

4:23 PM - Media asked to stop filming troop movements to cloak the operation.

4:25 PM - Trillanes chides the kind of people the administration has sent to various TV stations for interviews. Even comparing them with the men inside the hotel with him.

4:35 PM - Media and other civilians still inside the hotel. JV Bautista says government has lost decency. He laments that the senate has been stymied and the lower house composed of paid hacks. He said that this action is not against the judicial processes but a fight against a corrupt and illegitimate presidency. He also will question the issuance of the warrant. He says that these are political acts against the current dispensation.

4:48 PM - Assault starts. Teargas lobbed into ground floor of hotel.JV Bautista says Lim and Trillanes will take their stand.

4:51 PM - RG Guevarra says they will all stay. If this should be the new Tirad Pass, so be it. Trillanes said that the people should witness the ruthlessness of this administrations. Guevarra adds that they are willing to lay their lives on the line.

4:58 PM - VP Guingona said a call for sobriety is a bit too late. Bunye presents local officials reminiscent of Marcos's last days in office. Shots are now being fired.

5:03 PM - Firing escalates. 500 people trapped inside the hotel.

5:06 PM - Apc breaks into the lobby of the hotel. 2 civilians brought out.

5:08 PM - About 50 troops enter lobby as shots are fired. Apc serving as their cover.

5:09 PM - Lim refused to talk to media.

5:16 PM - CNN reporter still inside hotel. Reports his ordeal during the start of the assault.

5:18 PM - Bishop Libayen speaks. Group has decided to leave the hotel as situation becoame too dangerous for civilians inside. Libayen says that to have peace, there must be justice. Justice he says is not being properly dispensed with. Sen. Trillanes says he is standing for the rights of the oppressed. He adds that we are witnesses to the kind of treatment this government is willing to give. He said that they will face whatever action is taken upon him. He doesn't want the blood of the innocent to be spilled. Lim for his part said that dissent without action is consent. Trillanes said that he is not the loser but the entire nation. Trillanes also said that the AFP will soon live up to its mandate.

Bibet Orteza lauds the kind of leaders she is with. Bibet is proud to be a Filipino. Trillanes was voted to the senate by more than 11 million votes. He asks the people that he believes that GMA will still be there beyond 2010. To stand is no longer a duty but a moral obligation. Like all evil regimes, Gloria's reign will also have meets its end.

The group is still inside a function room while waiting for the teargas to dissipate.

5:43 PM - Gen. Barias has asked 11 media to go to Bicutan for questioning. Pinky Webb of ANC says that she has no idea what questions will asked of them.

5:52 PM - Media are finally allowed to leave the hotel. All media will be brought to Bicutan.

6:03 PM - Norbeto Gonzales now announces the start of another witch

6:09 PM - Media are frisked and searched and are whisked away at gun point. Atty. Marichu Lambino says that media can reject an invitation. She also points out that violations may have been committed in this regard.

6:14 PM - The group of Trillanes files out of the hotel.

6:19 PM - Trillanes is brought out and the rest of the group will be brought to Bicutan as well.

6:29 PM - Members of media are brought out with strapped hands.

Last entry on media affairs: Media being the source of our information are now treated as common criminals despite what explanations the police may provide. It was media's duty to update us of what was happening on the ground. Police may have overstepped the boundaries of law. The rough treatment of our brothers in media should be condemned by all.


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