Thursday, November 15, 2007

If Only They Had The Right Dogs

The toll of the Batasan bombing is now 4. There obviously was a lapse in security. The congress as we know is one of the seats of power. Why such an act succeeded would make everyone cringe in fear. If this could happen to the Batasan, then it could happen anywhere. There wouldn't be a safe place anywhere in the country.

The AFP and the PNP has been on heightened alert. The Batasan should have beefed up its security and should have installed x-ray machines. With the huge allowances and pork barrel given to congress, I am sure that they can provide the necessary funds to procure security equipments and hire more guards.

Perhaps they were too confident that no one would even dare bomb the Batasan. We may recall that a plan to bomb congress was discovered. This should have been a wakeup call for the Batasan. Questions come to mind why and how such a bombing could have been successfully undertaken. It was so daring that one would ask if it was a covert operation of state forces.

In hindsight, the PNP was certainly remiss in their duty. They were tasked to secure the Batasan and they failed miserably. If only the congress had more bomb-sniffing dogs, this could have been averted. I am sure that congress has more than enough to acquire more dogs to improve their security. But alas, the congress has dogs. Sadly they were the wrong dogs. What congress has in huge numbers are ass-licking dogs. Dogs that are too happy to lick the ass of the impostor.

How I wish that the innocent congress staff were spared from this tragedy. I grieve with their families. It would have been better if the ass-lickers got their asses licked this time around. Then perhaps the country would have a congress worthy of praise.