Monday, November 05, 2007

OK Sa Alright

As the opposition is set to file an amendment to the weak Pulido impeachment complaint, the majority has been sending signals to what awaits this move. Art Defensor is making sure that this will not prosper. He asserts that this is unconstitutional and against house rules. For the third time in as many years, GMA's allies will use its numbers to thwart any attempt to unseat Gloria constitutionally.

In the center of the storm, Speaker Jose de Venecia's speakership is at stake. Everything now hinges on whether or not he is really sincere in his moral revolution program. The question now is which will weigh more, his redemption or his position? This however will not matter now as we all know the answer to the question. GMA had made sure that she will be safe from everybody, even from JdV. Bribery has been used to set the "Impeach Me" in motion. Bribery has also been used to make sure that GMA will have the numbers in the lower house.

The opposition again failed to plan ahead. They failed to see Gloria's telegraphed punches. Gloria will be laughing in their faces. She had once again averted an honest to goodness impeachment. She is always on her toes and her allies are only too happy to "aid" her. With the money they spent last elections, I am sure the congressmen are more than willing to make GMA's political life a little safer. Its money in the bag for her and her cohorts.

I am almost sure that everything has been settled way ahead of the opposition's move. JdV may have lost out of this one. It might be too late for him to make a move. He had been lulled into complacency. There is nothing he can do right now but to sit and ride this one out. The stage is set not for a JdV-GMA confrontation but for the death of another impeachment and another year of corruption.

As they say, "OK sa alright." The fight has ended even before the bell rang. Transactional politics again ruled the day. A successful impeachment? Not by a long shot.