Monday, November 19, 2007

B.S. Criminology Major In Agriculture

Farmers, this is how I see our PNP investigators. The speed at which the Batasan bombing was resolved is mind boggling. Imagine, in one fell swoop, all suspects and even the smallest evidence were conveniently on hand. And this is just a couple of days after the bombing, how lucky can these blokes be? Immediately after the blast, the PNP had started framing the mind of the people on who was responsible for the blast.

I recall the capture of Honasan. Videocams were used to cover the complete operation. But with the killing and arrest of the so-called bombers, this was absent. It should be an SOP for every operation the police undertakes to prevent speculation and promote transparency. The public's mind is being framed to believe that Akbar was indeed the target and all evidences point to that theory.

But I think that there is more to this than meets the eye. Former Rep. Gerry Salapuddin was first implicated and now its Rep. Mujiv Hataman. With the peace talks in Mindanao in progress, could the bombing be connected to it? It has been the strategy of GMA's administration to divide and conquer to weaken its opponents. I would not be surprised if in the end, this was the case.

Its highly probable not simply plausible that evidences in found in the Payatas raid were planted by PNP elements. The PNP was quick to embrace their theory and forgot to exhaust all avenues to find the truth. This is also the case with the still unresolved blast in Glorietta 2. They were quick to dismiss it as a case of industrial accident. Even when the investigation they conducted was inconclusive and even 2 feet of debris still cover the G2 basement, they quickly put the blame on the owners of the mall.

I would rather have a lengthy but thorough investigation than have a resolution for convenience. It seems that the Abu Sayyaf has reached the notoriety of the NPA. Both have been convenient suspects for the government when incidents like this happen. In the end, credibility and perception dictates the what is believable. The PNP and AFP clearly lacks credibility. The public also has distrust for both services. Both have been mercenaries for Gloria whose distrusted by majority of the people.

The police investigators should do what is asked of them. They should solve crimes, they are not farmers.