Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Moral Decay in the House of Glory(a)

I have never seen such degradation and decline of values in our society as the one we are witnessing today. The quest for more power and riches displayed by our politicians especially the majority bloc in the Lower House has totally diminished any sense of respect we can afford them. With the admission of Nograles that a successful impeachment could spell disaster for them, one would ask why run for public office if you are only after your personal gains? How can he then say that personal ambition drove the minority to push for impeachment? The minority if we remember lost all their positions after the botched impeachment last year. Gone too were their "pork" which mandated by law should be given to them. IRA of cities allied with the opposition have also been withheld. They wouldn't take this risk of earning the ire of GMA if they would benefit from it.

At least now we know what kind of members the majority has. They are nothing but "Misrepresentatives" of the constituents they continue to toy and exploit. At least they now admit, although not directly, that they are fighting for their political survival. They sold their constituents out for what, certainly not to improve their districts but for their own political ambitions.

So what did we discover the past year? We have an administration devoid of moral values. An administration who have bastardized our institutions with its total disregard for basic human rights and congressional oversight. GMA also is pushing for more Filipinos to seek jobs abroad, treating our people as commodities for the sake of more dollar remittances and bragging rights for an economy which up to now has gone nowhere.

Is this the government we envisioned? Is this the kind of leadership we deserve? GMA's minions would argue even saying its the voter's fault and we got what we deserved, that we sold out votes for a few hundred pesos. If this had been the case, Garcillano would not have been appointed nor will there be a need to use the military for cheating in the last elections. How arrogant and stupid these people are. They must take us for fools and that we are to blame for the mess they created.

Governance is not all politics, being human enough to concern yourself with what your constituents need makes a good politician. To concern yourself with political survival is the least of one's worries if serving the people is what you ran for office for. Values is what makes a well rounded public servant, right now, this administration has none. Totally devoid of values that they continue to lie through their teeth in the name of personal ambitions. Moral decay of the government has led to apathy and impunity. Is this the legacy this administration would leave behind. I guess it is, all in the name of personal gain.