Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Reform Not War

Last weekend, GMA declared an all-out-war against the CPP-NPA. With the promise to completely erradicate the insurgency and a purse of P 1B, she hopes to obliterate the rebels in 2 years. Is this the right path to take in finally ridding our country of insurgency?

Counter-insurgency is a battle of hearts and minds. People disillusioned with our economic and political system tends to embrace an ideology that gives them new hope and a better future. At a time when social disparity and injustice continues to grow, the least of our needs is a war that could finally shatter our economy into pieces.

What the administration should do is implement the proper reforms that would finally address the root of the rebellion. Social and judicial reforms are what the country need. Social inequality has since driven most of the insurgents to the communist ideology. Victims of injustice has no other recourse for their plight, thus sending them into the arms of the CPP-NPA. Unless the administration in all sincerity address this problems, we will never have peace in the countryside.

Will war then finally put an end to this lingering problem which has plagued our country since the 50's? Or would it will lead to abuse and further disenchantment of a populace long disregarded by an "elite" administration? The best way is just use the P 1B to finance socioeconomic programs that will benefit these disenchanted sectors of society. All talk and no walk leads to disillusion and disenchantment. Lip service is not a substitute to real peace and progress.