Thursday, June 01, 2006

Lie or Consequence

What a supposed to be showcase cabinet meeting turned to a comedy of sorts. OIC Fe Hidalgo of the DepEd while making her presentation caught the ire of Princess Laila. They then had a "debate" on the shortage of classrooms. The Princess obviously irked tried to save face and drilled the hapless OIC. She insisted that the figures given by Ms. Hidalgo were grossly erroneous. The Princess then told Ms. Hidalgo to go back to her office and get the "corrected" data. This was happening in front of the Malacanang Press Corps. In the afternoon, Ms. Hidalgo with Sec. Defensor, closely monitoring her held a press conference where she clarified her "mistake".

What the entire nation saw was a perfect example of Lie and Consequence. Ms. Hidalgo had to back down and obey the Princess's wishes. To push what was the truth meant the end of her career in government. Sadly, though well-loved in the DepEd, Ms. Hidalgo's future now hangs in the balance.

Sec. Ermita today said that the Princess has a short list of persons that could be the next DepEd Secretary.. He however added that he is not sure if Ms. Hidalgo's name is included. This made me wonder if Garcillano would be named the next DepEd secretary. With Garci's expertise in "dagdag- bawas", he could certainly change a shortage into a surplus.

In this administration, only liars stay in power and the truth-sayers suffer the consequence.

*Princess Laila is supposed to be the royal name of GMA given by the Sultan of Brunei.