Thursday, June 22, 2006

Political Survival

The blogsphere is buzzing with the Impeachment fever. As we all know, last year's "attempted " impeachment of GMA ended in a massacre of sorts. The leprechaun in the enchanted palace has managed to "cling" to power through bribery and repression. With the threat of a new impeachment, can she foil this process again? Can she still use her old tactics or are her "guards" in the lower house still dependable?

Her cohorts in the lower house are now in a tight spot as this process could spell the end to theirs and their family's political ambitions. With the Cha-Cha train stalled, their only hope of No-El gone, what options do they now have in dealing with this new impeachment? If you ask me, they have none. Their political survival is left on how they will "vote" on this new impeachment complaint.

We all know how those who voted for the impeachment last year suffered after their foiled attempt. Their pork withheld and some lost even their chairmanships. But now, the shoe is on the other foot as those who voted against are left to choose between the devil and the deep blue sea.

Should they sign the complaint and get the ire of the pretending president, out goes their pork, their positions, their election funding and the other "benefits". Should they "kill" the impeachment again, they will be at the mercy of the electorate who for sure will repay them "unkindly" come 2007. The last-termers whose family members will be "replacing" them will definitely fall victims to the voters who will surely vent their ire on them. Now they must wrack their brains on what path they would take once impeachment day comes. They must be having sleepless nights now, while the opposition with nothing to lose can sit and watch them squirm. They have no control of their destiny as either path would definitely hurt them.

With the concerned citizens actively at the forefront of this new complaint, what now Mr. "Tongressman", what are you to do? The past has come to haunt you.