Monday, June 12, 2006

Independence: Just A Dream

As we celebrate 108 years of independence, let's look back at what we've accomplished. Or better yet, what are we today. My personal take is we have regressed and had failed miserably at what our heroes fought for. From being proud and free to being "slaves" in our own country and abroad. This administration in particular has turned our people into mere servants and latest, as cannon-fodder in another man's war.

Is this the independence we all long for or will we all be just slaves to a system who only changed its face and not its character. Oppression and corruption continues to be the order of the day and our institutions beholden and bastardized by a "pretender" who has nothing to offer but "lip service".

We continue to "beg" for what is really ours, we are still under the "influence" of a distant "brother", our economy driven and dictated by our enormous debt. In reality, we still do not decide our own fate but are left in the hands of power-hungry egomaniacs who has nothing better to do than to exploit us more. People who are devoid of values, principles and dignity.

So what have we learned all those years? We are still beset by the same problems our forefathers tried to eradicate. The poor become poorer, the rich become poorer and the "corrupt" are the ones reaping all the fruits of "OUR" labor. Those who tried to change our social and political landscape has either been, killed, dissillusioned and worst, swept by the raging tide of indecency and power play. Is this the independence we all want? Its about time we freedom-loving Filipinos open our eyes and take charge of our lives. Let us not allow ourselves to be what others would want but what we really want for ourselves. True independence can only be achieved if we assert ourselves and show our children that moral values, decency and principles should be in their hearts and minds. If we sit idly by and just let this system go its evil way, then independence will always be "just a dream".