Thursday, June 08, 2006

Of Blackmails and Pay-offs

Chairman Abalos yesteday sai that should the budget be disapporoved, there will be no elections next year. The COMELEC needs P2.3 B to conduct the elections. With the current stand-off at the bi-cam and the threat of another re-enacted budget, and GMA threatening to "VETO" a slashed budget, could it be that this is what Malacanang wants? Let's see what we have.

The lower house sat on the budget and approved it in May.
The palace inserted P31 B in president's pork.
Cabinet officials cited EO 464 and did not defend their proposed budget.
The senate wants to slash the inserted pork.
The congress adjourns without an approved budget.
We will end up with another re-enacted budget.

Could it be that the palace knew this would happen? Maybe it was their plan to have a re-enacted budget and take away the risk of their "friends in the lower house" losing their seats to incoming congressmen. The palace has no way of knowing if the next congress would still be "friendly" to them and would not want to face another impeachment. A stalemate would surely benefit GMA. No elections means that their "friends" would keep their positions until such time that an election could be conducted.

They failed to meet their deadline for Cha-Cha and the PI seems to be dead in the water. Every possible tactic has been employed by the administration to prevent GMA's ouster. The most logical solution for the administration is to force the senate to approve a re-enacted budget, thereby taking away the risk of an impeachment. No-El means her minions will still enjoy their pork and positions. Now the senate is backed against a wall. To approve the admistration's budget will give GMA the funds she needs to insure her minions' re-election. A re-enacted budget means No-El and her minions stay in power. GMA can also blame the senate for the continuing lack of basic services. A win-win situation for the administration if you ask me.