Friday, June 16, 2006

Testing, 1, 2, 3,

With the spate of "bombings" hitting the metro lately and the "noise" of Sigaw ng Bayan in the background, one would wonder if the administration is testing the political waters once again. Rumors of martial law or another state of emergency abound although the administration dismisses such thoughts. Sigaw recently warned of extra-constitutional means to push "their" Cha-Cha should the PI be shot down.

Although a rogue group "Tabak" has owned the bombings, we just cannot discount the probability that they are operating under the administration's auspices. I also wonder why such inconsequential targets have been bombed with hardly any damage at all. If I were a legit group out to make the administration pay for its wrongdoings, I would make sure I get the maximum results. Or the "Tabak" is legit and the other bombings are copycat operations by the authorities themselves to create an air of anarchy that would eventually justify martial law.

Another scary thought is Sigaw's threat of revolution to ram their Cha-Cha down our throats. With the PI stopped at every corner, they are now trying to scare the populace with a veiled threat. With this out in the open, why has not the administration acted on it. Its seditious to call for a rebellion isn't it? Or is this what the administration wants all along, to stage another coup to give GMA a reason to create a revolutionary government that would perpetuate her stay in power. Imagine the administration taking over itself. Though farfetched, this administration will do anything and everything no matter what the cost for its selfish interests. With a revolutionary government in place, GMA can now dissolve the congress and install her own brand of parliamentary system. I wonder how the apathetical middleclass will react should this happen.

Are these recent events just another ploy of the administration to test how the populace would react or are they laying the groundwork for their eventual power grab? One thing is for sure, the administration will stop at nothing to ensure its perpetual stay in power.