Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Morally Devoid

In a previous post, I discussed the moral decay that pervades the administration today. This couldn't be more glaring than the tit for tat that's been going on between the CBCP and the palace. After Bishop Yniguez filed an impeachment complaint against the pretender in the palace (as a citizen), the administration's rabid lapdogs quickly pounced on him relentlessly.

Stating that the church should lay off politics, GMA's cohorts one by one invoked the separation of church and state. The administration's allies have been carping on national media about the CBCP's decision to stand behind the bishop. The palace went as far as telling the CBCP to sanction Bishop Yniguez for his actions. Bunye of the now infamous "I have two tapes" has said that the impeachment has nothing to do with morality and dismisses it as simply a form of political harassment by the opposition. This is echoed by the entire administration camp.

How stupid can these people be! I was taught that to lie, cheat and steal is wrong. I just wonder how the administration can quickly say that these allegations are not moral issues. This only shows how morally devoid these people are. They have no right to stay in office with this kind of reasoning. To be a just and lawful person, one must know what is right and wrong. By these actuations, these people had shown to us how immoral they really are. Should we as a nation continue to believe that these people are serving us faithfully? They are nothing but a bunch of self-serving thugs playing god.

Finally, they revealed to us their true color. Arrogance and deceit had completely blinded even their souls. Continuesly living in their lies, they now have the gall to dictate to the church what is right and wrong. Now I believe these people are totally devoid of any iota of morality.