Friday, June 02, 2006

1:50 Ratio: GMA's Dream, Students Nightmare

GMA said that this is their "agreed" ratio. She pointed out that 50 students can occupy a classroom per shift. That is 1:100 per day. She must be dreaming when she said that. While this may be the case in some schools, it however is just impossible in most. Today however, the Princess partly admitted there is a "minimal and tolerable" shortage of classrooms. This problem however would be soon solved she added. This partial admission could only be attributed to the unsavory bombardment she got from different sectors after her televised "tantrum".

Kara David tonight reported on the situation of the Tanyag Elementary School in Taguig. The ratio there is 1:829. And I thought that the school in Caloocan with a 1:317 ratio is the worst. This however does not end there. The roof of the school is so rusted that students wear raincoats during class whenever it rains. The walls too are at the verge of collapse. Parents had taken it upon themselves to somehow do the repairs on their own. They have also made makeshift classrooms out of discarded wood and other scraps. The small chapel had also been converted into a temporary classroom. The basketball court is now covered with patches of plastic to accommodate more students. The principal with teary eyes could only lament that their only concern is the children's education and health. A young student's only wish, "Pres. Arroyo, sana huwag ng umulan sa classroom namin".

Yes Princess, you can dream all you want, while the students live out their nightmare.