Wednesday, June 07, 2006

It Starts With One Hello

A year had passed since Sec. Bunye held up two discs of what were supposed to be wire-tapped conversations of GMA and Garcillano, one an original and another a spliced fake. This opened a can of worms which would haunt the administration. In a preemptive move, the palace came up with a hair-brained plan to confuse the people and somehow muddle the issue. This we all know now had back-fired and had put them on the defensive ever since.

Impeachment fever is upon us again. Enormous funds will once again flow from the palace. This will however be more costly than last year's as their cohorts in congress will surely want a bigger piece of the pie., further draining our treasury of much need funds. And for what, to prop up an "illegitimate" occupant of the highest office of the land.

To this day, the administration had resorted to different tactics to hide the truth and hope that this controversy will just die a natural death.......or will it?