Thursday, August 02, 2007

The Three Mouseketeers

After accusing Alan Peter Cayetano and Koko Pimentel of political dynasty-ism, the Arroyo's have established little fiefdoms of their own, in three different provinces at that. Three clearly unqualified and shameless members of the Pidal clan are now in congress. Two have even made it to the chairmanship of very important committees. The uncle, Iggy now heads the Committee on Natural Resources while the younger Mickey is chairman of the Energy Committee. Dato, the neophyte was elected with the help of the military.

Some congressmen had asked them to give up their chairmanships and opt for mere memberships for delicadeza's sake. The two asks that they be given a chance to show their wares before being judged. Methinks its simply an accommodation extended by JdV for supporting him on his speakership bid. But there could be a more sinister agenda behind the election.

How convenient it is that certain power assets of the government are now up for sale to generate more funds for GMA's super regions legacy. It somehow completes the four horsemen of the Apocalypse. With two highly unqualified secretaries for DENR and DOE plus the two highly unqualified chairmen, the set is complete for the rape of the nation.

While majority leader Art Defensor compared the situation to that of the Kennedys, I personally think Gloria and her 'kamag-anaks" are not of the same caliber as that of the famous Kennedy. For one, the Kennedys were well loved by the American people. They were respected and staunch human rights advocates. To compare the Arroyos to the Kennedys is an insult to their memory.

So what's in store for the three mouseketeers in congress? We have seen the demeanor Iggy and Mickey displayed during last year's hearings on the Cayetano case. We have seen how Mickey was willing to "reward" local execs who can deliver a zero vote against Cayetano. We have witnessed how Dato forced himself upon the people of Bicol with the AFP's assistance. We have seen how Iggy defended his(?) Pidal account. These are the people who ask us to give them a chance.

Greed knows no limits. It has its own life. Can an apple tree bear oranges? These is what these three would like us to believe. They can never be independent from GMA. You cannot change your DNA. The blood in their veins are the same. With the power and natural resources firmly in their grasps, endless opportunities for riches await the Arroyo family. With them in the house, we can kiss the anti-dynasty bill goodbye. I'll even bet a month's salary on that!