Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Accountability Not Amnesty Leads To Unity

We often hear the calls to unite. We've heard the call to reconcile and move on. Unity involves the willingness of all concerned to cooperate to achieve a certain goal. But unity will never be achieved unless all cards are on the table and that a clear understanding of what is at stake is accepted by all.

We are in a weird situation where the one calling for unity and reconciliation has too many skeletons in her closet. Now her allies call for amnesty to swiftly address the lingering division of our nation. Amnesty as I perceive it in our present situation is but another way to shortcut things. Plainly sweeping dirt under the rug never leads to anything progressive.

EDSA 1 showed us how to kick out a tyrant. EDSA 2 showed us how the greedy exploited public outrage and EDSA 3 showed us how to manipulate the impoverished and the naive. Now Gloria and her gang of thieves would like us to believe that they are compassionate and would like to forgive(?) HER political enemies (I will not refer to them as enemies of the state because GMA is not the state).

GMA for sure had instructed her allies to float the amnesty balloon. She is definitely worried about her future once she steps down. Her plan to change the charter did not work, her only option now is amnesty. She will lose her immunity after 2010, and this is the reason why she is now exerting all means to ensure her physical safety.

But we the people, should once and for all assert genuine rule of law. We must ask for accountability from those in government. We, as citizens are under the law and our leaders should also be answerable somehow. Erap, corrupt as he may be, faced the music and earned his day in court. This to me is something we should admire him for. He allowed the justice system, flawed as it may be, to run its course.

Let the guilty pay for the crimes they committed. It will be an injustice not only for the accused but to the accuser as well if we always turn to amnesty as the cure all and end all. Amnesty only works if justice and accountability is present. If genuine remorse is expressed by the accused. We should not apply amnesty so liberally that results thereafter continue to haunt us.

Gloria and her allies are wrong in thinking that her successor would be kind as to clear her of the wrongdoings she had committed. But so far, she may just get her amnesty too. The current "crap" of presidentiables have stayed away from pronouncing their stand on GMA's accountability. So for now, she is safe. And as for the horses running in 2010, not one of them deserves to be president if accountability is not in their agenda.

We can always forgive but we should never forget, lest we want history to keep repeating itself and prevent are country from moving on.