Tuesday, July 31, 2007

On Miriam's Sobriety

Declaring herself sober Miriam Defensor Santiago is elated to be nominated to the International Court of Justice. Aside from being sober, she adds that it also depends on the nominee's personality. Her campaign manager is none other than DFA secretary, Alberto Romulo. It will be quite a feat as she belongs to a developing country and its always been first world countries who get the seats.

Its nice to hear that a Filipino is nominated to such a prestigious position. What I am afraid of is how long will she be sober. Its no secret how she "behaves" and how opportunistic she is. She can lose it anytime which could spell disaster for our countries image. Will her merits outweigh her demerits? I must admit that she has a way of re-inventing herself every time the need arises.

Will the ICJ conduct neuro-psychiatric tests as well? Will they discover the skeletons in Miriam's closet? Would the country's dismal human rights record do her in? Would the the government's international cases affect her bid? Remember that we have an arbitration case which looks a little sour in the eyes of international business community. These are just some questions that come to mind with Santiago's nomination.

She maybe a good RTC judge but the international scene is a totally different scene. She may possess the personality of an angel but sanity is imperative. Just because she can mouth off a grammatically correct sentence does not mean she is brilliant. She may have the intelligence of Einstein but the wisdom of a microbe.

She maybe sober for now but a tiny pinch could set her off anytime. The ICJ needs a person who will always have her head on her shoulder not one who has her mouth in her ass. On her credibility, I can only repeat her (in)famous line: "I lied!"