Monday, August 20, 2007

Bridging The Social Gap: Its Everyone's Concern

My post about Malu Fernandez proved one thing, there are still people who live in the past. Gone were the days when societies in general had only masters and servants. Gone were the days when the rich and famous are concerned only with themselves. We have seen how the richest of the rich extend their hands to the poorest of the poor. Many have realized that we will have a better world if we could eliminate poverty.

Malu represents but a minuscule segment of society who thinks they're a cut above the rest. That they are the masters of the world and that they will never in their lifetime be equal to the rest of society. Better think again as we see people everyday climb up the social ladder. Soon Malu and her kind will have to accept the fact we are all responsible for this social revolution.

The world is now in a state of social awakening. The rich no longer live in a world of their own and that in reality, they "rub elbows" with all classes of society daily. But regardless of who or what we are, its everybody's responsibility to bridge that gap of socioeconomic classes. Instead to leaving the poor behind to wallow in despair, we who have a little in life should be sensitive to their plight. Its our moral and social responsibility to assist in whatever way we can, those who have less in life.

We see them fight for survival regardless of how life seems to be unfair. They only need that small "push" to begin living respectably. Families have endured the pain of separation for the sake of a better life. We see families torn apart as parents leave their children behind to work in distant lands. The last thing these people need is an insult from a fellow Filipino.

The rich of the world are now joining in the crusade to end hunger and poverty. We see foundations and philanthropists give aid and support to those who need them. We see them grant scholarships to poor kids and assist families and even entire communities get out of the rut of poverty. We see volunteerism grow each day. The rich are definitely listening and taking affirmative action.

If only some of us can put ourselves in another's place. Then maybe, just maybe, we all would have a better understanding of what these people go through. Bridging the gap of social divide will not lessen our dignity nor will it hurt our image. To be human is not bad, what is disgusting is to pretend to be human.


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