Monday, August 13, 2007

How To Abuse The Anti-terror Law.

Now comes the first test for Gloria's Anti-terror Law. Reports say that Fil-Am activist, Dr. Annalisa Vicente Enrile, chairperson of GABRIELA Network USA was barred from returning to the US. She is a professor at the University of Southern California. Her organization, GABNet is an affiliate of the Gabriela Women's Party. She was informed that she is in the government's watchlist.

She has been given the runaround by the BID (Bureau of Immigration and Deportation), the DoJ (Dept. of Justice and the NICA (National Intelligence Coordinating Agency). She now claims to be held hostage here. Its been a week now since she was prevented from returning home. Her only fault, joining a fact-finding mission to probe the extra-judicial killings.

The HSA really can be abused as this situation has proven. Mere suspicion and by "affiliation" can get one harassed and subjected to intimidation. Although she has not been charged for any violation nor literally detained, her fate lies on the BID clearance.

So this is how the HSA really works. I was right all along that the law can and will be abused not in the name of justice but in defense of an abusive regime. Gloria invited all interested international parties to come and look into "allegations" of human rights violations. Human rights is a global concern. As usual, this government says one thing and does another. Plainly put, everybody is "invited" but they are not welcome. All those who have joined the mission are now in the supposed watchlist. The government has insisted that the Gabriela party list is a front for the CPP-NPA and therefore considered terrorists.

The international courts cannot intervene nor compel the Philippine government to justify the hold departure order against Dr. Enrile. So the government has found a way around the provisions of the HSA. Heck, even the US embassy can't do a thing about her case. By including individuals to a "watchlist", anyone can now be held hostage and be prevented to travel. No need to file charges nor physically apprehend a person. All Gloria's dogs have to do is place all its critics in a list and they're virtual prisoners.

Supporters of the HSA said that it has no teeth, that it is so full of safeguards that it would be very hard for the security forces to do their job. They claim that the law actually weakened the efforts to fight terrorism. Well think again clowns! A despot can never be prevented from abusing her power. No matter how watered down the law may be, everything still relies on how "POWERFUL A PRESIDENT WANTS TO BE".

Like I said, we all better watch out. Gloria and her gang of serpents will stop at nothing to defend her survival. She will use, circumvent and violate all laws if need be. So when they tell you that the HSA will not be used against you, don't believe the crap. So beware who you befriend. A paranoid administration will always look at you in a different light. It sees all and those who criticize this administration as terrorists. Next stop, the National Identification System which will finally do us all in.