Monday, August 13, 2007

Man The Picket Lines

After Judge Oscar Pimentel rejected Sen. Anotnio Trillanes, IV request to serve the people, different opinions came out. The absurdity of the reasons the judge cited including his illogical computation of representation has led to a formation of a new movement, Trillanes Paglingkurin Movement.

I received this text message from the group calling for support. Sen. Trillanes's lawyer will be arguing their motion for reconsideration.

The text reads:

"We, the sovereign Filipino people have spoken! Let our more then 11 million votes for Trillanes to serve! Join the TRILLANES PAGLINGKURIN MOVEMENT! Be with us on Thursday, 10am when his lawyer argues Trillanes's Motion for Reconsideration. Picket the sala of Makati RTC Judge Oscar Pimentel. Let us start the nationwide campaign to assert our sovereign will! Be counted!"