Friday, August 03, 2007

BATASAN: Licking Capital Of The Philippines

The lower house never ceases to amaze me. After Art Defensor maligned the memory of JFK and his brother Robert, Isabela reprehensible Rodito Albano III now defends the Pidals. Calling Teddy Casiño and Crispin Beltran unparliamentary, Albano said that the two should stop judging people on the basis of their family names.

As if the Arroyos are "squeaky" clean. Time and again, scandals have rocked the family and their lapdogs in congress cover their asses for them. For people who calls themselves honorable and referring to their institution as an august body, they stink! Politics and democracy should be dynamic, it should evolve. What we have in this country is a regressing politics and tyranny of the few.

Congress had been reduced to a pack of lapdogs who readily offer their tongues to the highest bidder. Party lines are clearly drawn. A few who believe in sanity are quickly pushed aside by the insane majority. Even professional dog trainers will look dumb next to these bozos. Idealism has no place in congress. Greed and personal ambitions abound. The lower house is the training ground not for guard dogs nor for attack dogs, its the breeding ground for show dogs who follow even absurd commands.

They rush to the rostrum to exploit every opportunity to lick the ass of their master. They will instinctively band together at the smell of money. The lower house is nothing but a yes ma'm group who would never go against the tide. They will take advantage of every opportunity to "smell" good to their handler.

What can the lower house show for? Nothing really. They use their numbers to block the truth and exploit the nation. They defend their breed and watch for every opportunity to make a fast buck at the expense of the Filipino taxpayer. They never serve their constituents but only serve one master, the queen. So they throw decency and integrity out the window to please their benefactor, the one who keeps their wallets fat and their pockets deep. So what if the queen's family has the monopoly to our country's riches? As long as they are the beneficiaries of her economic reform's "TRICLE DOWN EFFECT", they will follow with blind loyalty.

Iggy and Mickey now holds two of the most powerful positions in congress. Despite their obvious lack of qualification, add the lack of credibility, Gloria's lapdogs rabidly defend them. I am very sure many of them will follow suit to justify their election(?) We have not yet converted to a parliamentary system and yet we are presented with this scenario. Just imagine if we are in a parliamentary system, Gloria, her family and the rest of their pack will have the monopoly of power. Clearly, the lower house has literally gone to the DOGS.