Monday, August 06, 2007

Blogging: A Need To Redirect

I found this short but inspiring video through Gari Lazaro's blog. As we start another week of survival, let's stop and take a look around us. How far have we gone? How much compassion do we have for others? Are we aware that more people are facing death daily? What are our leaders up to? How do we really make a difference? Should we all sit idly by while people and leaders of the world and our country drive us to extinction?

This is where action is really needed. Yes we are aware of what's happening around us, but what part do we play. Like what I always say, I blog for advocacy. My entries maybe political in nature but I need to open the eyes of some who live in a world of their own. We need to break the walls that insulate us from what really goes on around us. The poverty around us, the wars and killings in our midsts. There are a host of others that affect our daily lives yet most do nothing. We see children in the streets deprived of education, we see people living in dumps. Are our leaders addressing these problems?

We have groups who try to bring hope in these people's lives yet they are faced with insurmountable challenges. Government seems to simply leave the helping to these NGOs than spearhead change. But more importantly, we fail to see the entire picture. And some even justify these injustices. People around us are starving and all they ask is a little push.

The government is too focused on making its international image good. It has simply forgotten that it should be taking care of the Filipino people. It enters into treaties detrimental to us and borrows endlessly which we all know, we, the people will eventually pay for. They leave in luxury while the rest of the nation is mired in muck.

Blogging is an emerging power. We can be the source of information and education. The blogsphere is full of advocates. We just have different ones. But try and read the posts and one can really see what the writer tries to impart on the reader. While a very few merely blogs to boost their bloated egos, most actually tries to drive home a point. I have yet to encounter a blog whose content simply praises the owner.

If only bloggers would unite for the common good, we can all make a difference. Whether our blogs are famous or influential, the power we wield in our keyboards should advocate genuine change in the right direction. Are you ready for the big shift?

You can view "The Shift" video here.