Friday, July 13, 2007

Amazing DisGrace

The Supreme Court has denied anew the petition of Koko Pimentel to stop the proclamation of Migz Zubiri. Voting 7-7, it could pave the way for the proclamation of the senator of Maguindanao. Its a setback for decency and honesty, plain and simple. There still is a main petition that could change the entire picture, but that is quite far-fetched. Koko might as well turn his eye on the Senate Electoral Tribunal.

As usual, Migz was his true theatrical self. With tears flowing, he did a Pacquiao, "Thanks Gods". Kissing his wife and showing relief, he broke into a smile. The Metro Manila Film Festival is still months away. I hope film outfits caught him in his best performance yet and maybe give him a starring role in one of their entries.

The highlight of the hearing was when two justices berated Pimentel and Atty. Sixto Brillantes for threatening the high court. They questioned Pimentel and Brillantes regarding interviews given by the two over on ANC. Brillantes denied he was interviewed and I caught the actual interview of Pimentel. Koko said that if he does not get justice from the "COMELEC", he will take his protest to the streets. Nowhere in his interview did he refer to the Supreme Court. Someone must have given the justices the wrong information. They should have checked first.

Now Migz can breathe again. The very same polluted air he had been breathing. He can now join his master thanks to the "11 million votes" he purportedly garnered. It includes of course the votes that gave him his seat, the Maguindanao votes. Bedol and the COMELEC can now give themselves a pat on the back for a crumby job well done.

In the end, money talked the loudest. He who spent more will reap the fruits of his "labor". It was not about who the people willed, it was he who had a deeper pockets. Political operators are happy and so are the local warlords. The people were silenced and dishonesty ruled the day.

No amount of electoral reform, technical or otherwise will solve our problems. As long as the COMELEC and the administration work in tandem to steal an election, there will be no change. Mere rhetorics and lip service is what spews from their mouths.

I just wonder how Migz will recover the cost of his campaign? I'm sure you all know the answer. If not, we can always ask Miriam Defensor Santiago how Migz intends to recover his losses!