Monday, July 16, 2007


What else can you call this but plain and simple stupid. Inquirer reports that the COMELEC has junked Cocs from three Lanao del Norte towns. The reason,the said Cocs were tampered. So what if the locks were forcibly opened, so what if there were no tallies?

These CoCs were junked when GO congressional bet Varf Belmonte questioned the CoCs from Maigo, Bacolod and Kauswagan. The PBoC was overruled by the COMELEC's 1st division. So the same cannot be done with the Maguindanao despite numerous questions raised by opposition lawyers. If the PBoC canvass is followed, Imelda Dimaporo will win by 7,000 votes over Belmonte.

If it can easily be done in this case, and it seems that the 1st division has common sense, why wasn't it done with the Maguindanao canvass? The Maguindanao controversy had even more defects than this one and yet, the En Banc never had the political will to do the same. Isn't it utterly stupid for them?

Clearly, Abalos did a good job making a fool of himself to please Gloria. The senate is a bigger issue as it embodies national significance. They have to be stricter and diligent as its a nationally elected position unlike the congressional race which is purely parochial in constituency terms.

The seven justices who voted in favor of Koko Pimentel's petition clearly have a straight head. They saw the point in all this brouhaha. They had the common sense and the political will to be objective in their decision. The other seven however, clearly showed how narrow their thinking is. Patsada Karajaw saw through it all and says that the seven have made up their minds long before. Like Abalos, they have been true to their master and delivered the 12th seat in a silver platter. All these seven have links to GMA. The SC maybe independent at times, but when it matters most for GMA, it will leave behind its principles and decide along party lines.

So the COMELEC after all can and will do what is right and lawful as long as it is inconsequential to the incumbent. The only reason that comes to mind regarding this selective implementation is that the lower house can afford another member of the opposition but the senate cannot.

Migz is a true blue trapo. Like his trapomates in the administration, he hides behind the cloak of technicality. If there is anyone who is rushing things, its Migz and his ever supportive COMELEC. The COMELEC and Migz has been harping that its of national importance that the 12th seat be filled. I'll throw them the same contention Raul Gonzalez has against allowing Sen. Trillanes to perform his senatorial mandate. The senate will function without Migz. Hell, it can even function despite lacking a 24th senator. The DBM would be happy as it will have to spend less on the senate's pork barrel.

In the end, its all about getting Migz in and Koko out. The administration cannot afford another opposition senator as it can be embroiled in more investigations. Can any of you think of another way to describe this situation? Suggestions are always welcome.