Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Points To Ponder

So many questions have come up these past days. We all know Koko Pimentel is out of the running. The COMELEC is just prolonging Koko's agony. The absurdities and the blatant disregard for common sense displayed by the COMELEC has sealed his fate. But Koko will not fade into oblivion just yet.

Abalos and Migz have been cast in a very bad light. The "chance" encounter at the Makati Shang-rila Hotel had nailed the duo. Abalos caught again with his pants down has to blurt out different versions to cover up an impropriety. Migz on the other hand had to resort to his award-winning theatrics to gain sympathy.

Was it a chance encounter or a planned one? While Abalos claimed to have met Migz in the restroom, witnesses say otherwise. The time also differs as Abalos said it was around 7PM while witnesses claim its about 9PM. I guess we will never know the truth, all we know is that Migz will soon claim the last senate seat.

As we enter a new phase in anti-terror campaign(?), we are faced with the prospect of legalized abuse. The Human Security Act of 2007 will soon take effect. It ushers in not only speculation but uncertainty. Norberto Gonzales has been named as OIC of the defense department. With his brand of leadership, everyone is fair game. Any dissent, legal or not is bound to be dealt in the same way.

As for the other half of Gloria's screwballs, Raul Gonzalez, is now laying down his rules. He said that according to law, the DoJ may recommend the wiretapping of individuals/organizations suspected of being terrorists or destabilizers. The keyword is recommend. He definitely is warning everyone not to cross the administration or else.

These two have been laying down the predicate of who and what constitutes terrorism and destabilisation. Their interpretations of even basic law bewilders everyones senses. Now these two are entrusted with powers so immense that in their hands, the fate of our liberties depend. So this is how Gloria upholds human rights, she unleashes her wolves to prey on all of us.

The army once again turns to its punching bag. They have tagged an NPA breakaway group that is responsible for the enforced disappearance of Jonas Burgos. They even identified the perpetrators. But it does not end there, one of those they accuse has been dead for the past three years. Despite evidences gathered by the PNP pointing to members of the army, they have now come up with a concocted story of their own.

After Esperon snubbed the mother of Jonas repeatedly, they came up with another fabrication to cover up their dastardly deed. The AFP is better off being fiction writers. They have mastered the art of "creative" writing. They create stories so unbelievable that the Lord Of The Rings looks more real.

The "I am sorry" line is now passe. One-eyed-jack Lintang Bedol claims innocence against charges filed against him be the COMELEC. To even make the situation more absurd, Bedol was released on personal cognizance. This is the guy who have defied several summons fro the En Banc. This is the guy who lost documents that could resolve the 12th seat in the senate. This is the guy who singlehandedly made Migz Zubiri the senator of Maguindanao is now a free man.

His charges are all administrative and not criminal as the COMELEC justifies his release. But isn't his actions have national repercussions? He practically paved the way for Migz to win the senatorial race. He claims to threats to his life and yet the police were ordered to leave him alone. Someone obviously wants him out of the picture. Bedol should watch his back, not from those who think he's a cheat but from the very same persons who benefited from his clandestine operations.

After winning the mayoralty race in Manila, Mayor Fred "Dirty Harry" Lim has GMA scared shitless. He has opened Mendiola to rallies. GMA and Lito Atienza have managed to prevent rallies there in the past. Its all going to be different now with Lim in office. Of course permits are still to be requested but its a whole different ballgame from now on.

Malacañang must now hear the voices of the aggrieved and abused. They must now deal with those who merely ask for justice. They can no longer pretend to be deaf and blind. Gloria will now have to look for another way to avoid hearing the truth. No longer is her enchanted palace shielded from the voice of the oppressed.

Yes, its sweet justice. Now groups are lining up in preparation to their trip to Mendiola. It will be a sight to see. Perhaps, this will open the eyes of the incumbent to the naked truth that she is not wanted anymore.