Thursday, July 12, 2007

Basurero Ni Gloria

No offense meant to our garbage collectors but Raul Gonzalez has once again puked and ate it himself. He did not wince as he showed dismay over state prosecutor Emmanuel Velasco handled the Jonas Burgos investigation. He questions the manner by which Velasco was quick to point to the ISAFP as the culprit for the abduction of Jonas Burgos.

He said that Velasco should first verify the authenticity of the information given by the informant to the DoJ. For someone who just lost a case because of lack of evidence, he should ask himself the same questions. Now that's what I call eating your own shit. But as I have expected, Velasco is now out as the head of the task force. Will the Burgos family get a fair shake? Naaah!

The ISAFP has denied that four of the six are connected with their group. But the exclusion of the four does not mean that they do not exist. There are still the remaining two officials who are actually in their roster. Its also a known fact that a "spy" will never expose his identity. What is Bangit thinking of? The ISAFP can deny all it wants but the fact remains that an institution will always try to cover up its mess.

So the garbage boy of the administration is at it again. His brand of selective justice despite his protestations and denials is an open book. The entire country knows he only works for one person. He will stoop low and even make a fool of himself just to protect his master.

Velasco has since been receiving threats and even said "live" on ANC that he thinks his phone is bugged. His interview was cut off with him saying, "my phone is bugged". Based on our experience with the Garci wiretapping and Gringo's capture, the ISAFP is capable of bugging anyone.

How can we expect justice if the DoJ can dispense with it depending who is involved? This only proves what we all know all along, the DoJ never served the people, it serves only those it wants to serve. The DoJ should be abolished and renamed Waste Management Department instead. Its used to clean up the administration's trash anyway, it has nothing to do with justice.