Thursday, July 26, 2007

I Am Strong, I Am Invincible, I Am GLORIA!

From where I sat, squirmed and scratched my head while the lame duck beat her chest. The queen shouted to the heavens that she can be tough when she wants to be tough. Yeah sure, eat my shorts! Strength is not measured by how many activists, journalists and professionals have been killed or abducted. Nor is it measured by how many unconstitutional EOs one has issued. It cannot even be measured by how many rallies one had ordered dispersed.

When one deploys 9,000 policemen to guard her SONA, she just showed how scared she really is. A strong president can walk through any place without fear of getting booed or pelted with rotten eggs. A strong president will not resort to repression to silence the voices of the hungry. A strong president will never cheat and will adhere to democratic processes. A strong president will not cow and pay up political debts, she will choose the right people for the right jobs.

Gloria was clearly trying to look tough but deep inside, she knows she can be kicked out not by the people but those around her. She had to keep all her minions happy. So WHAT does she do? She takes all her cronies for another ride and promise them projects left and right. And THE bozos clapped and roared with delight at the prospect of having more moolah in their pockets.

She gives her "militia" the free hand to attack all unarmed and helpless political dissenters. But of course she allows them to "wage" war on the armed insurgents to keep their "trading businesses" going. Just imagine if peace is finally attained? The generals and their henchmen will no longer have materiel to sell to the rebels. Kickbacks from supplies will cease and they can no longer finish the mansions they are building. Their poor kids will no longer be able to go on trips or even study abroad.

Of course she has to keep the cholesterol flowing in congress. Pork translates to SOPs. And SOPs means having enough ammo for the next elections. So for the next three long years, we have to slave hard and pay our high taxes so she can shower her political allies with love. Of course she will have to send more Filipinos abroad as the dollars they remit would help her globetrotting junkets. The dollars will also help the BSP keep our peso strong and creditors happy.

But of course she will leave "helping the needy" to the NGOs and businessmen. She wouldn't waste her own money to help the poor, hapless Filipinos. She "worked" very hard for it. So now our students will have to make do with the scraps the government throw to them. They will have to study hard so the can work abroad and send their kids to school and prepare them to take their place as OFWs.

I have but one thing to say to this toughie, "being strong is totally different from having a THICK FACE".