Friday, July 13, 2007

Gutless WHIMPS!

Any human being will definitely squirm at the ghastly end ten of fourteen soldiers killed in an encounter in Tipo-tipo, Basilan. It was pure treachery on the part of the MILF. Units of the 1st Marine Brigade were on their way back to their base when attacked by 300 members of the MILF.

The MILF claims self-defense. Several questions crop up regarding this encounter. If the marines were on their way back, then they were definitely not attacking. The MILF said its aiding in the rescue of kidnapped priest Giancarlo Bossi and yet they take advantage of such a situation to kill and capture arms. Are the leaders of the MILF really in control or is their organization a patchwork of bands of bandits?

It only shows the insincerity of the MILF in achieving a peaceful solution to this lingering problem. The MILF showed its barbaric true self. Okay, you've killed the marines, but why behead them? Is this the kind of people who speak for Muslim Mindanao? Power over the Moros is all this group is after. They would like to dictate than free Mindanao.

Clearly, there is a failure in both leaderships. The MILF leaders do not have a hold on its commanders or may even have condoned the actions on the field. The government on the other hand has been too soft on these bandits. If only they have the same resolve like what they have against the left-leaning critics of this administration.

Instead of fielding troops to battlefronts, the AFP would rather send them to the depressed areas of Metro Manila. Such a waste of lives. These marines should not have died if only both sides were true to their tasks. The MILF has even the temerity to cry foul and complain to the MILF-CCCH. They clearly were not the aggrieved party.

These acts of barbarism would further stoke the flames of hate. It would overshadow whatever they are fighting for. Decent human beings do not behead and castrate their foes regardless of the circumstances. The very vocal Esperon and the banana-munching Norberto Gonzales however are suspiciously silent and even calls on everyone to keep their heads.

I see how these two suddenly lost their balls when confronted by armed opponents while they act like Spartans when facing unarmed civilians. The MILF and the military hierarchy are both whimps. The MILF stabs the back of government while the Dirty Harries take it from the rear willingly.

So much for their rhetorics. When push come to shove, Esperon and Gonzales are reduced to nothing but squawk boxes. They talk of justice for victims of the communists but are mum on the atrocities of the MILF. They quickly detain leftists yet helpless against the MILF. Eid Kabulu should be ashamed of his organization.

Treachery has no place in a modern society like ours. The MILF regardless of what is says can never justify their actions on the ground. Even Allah will not support their actions. What rights can we afford them when they disregard the rights of others. Respect begets respect, if the MILF cannot do this, then they deserved to be exterminated. They were reduced to nothing when Erap declared a total war, but because of political concessions, they were able to recoup their losses. Thanks to our politicians, more lives will be lost.

How I'd love to see the REMFs in the AFP do the fighting. Let's see how big their balls really are. While soldiers are dying in the field, they're holed up in their air-conditioned offices scratching their crotch. They couldn't care less is mortar rounds do not go off. They made a killing in their procurement.

There will be no peace in the south. Filipinos will kill Filipinos. The biggest losers are the onlookers in the sidelines. We all stand to lose everything because gutless whimps would rather play god than do what is right. The leaders of the MILF and our government are spineless. Maybe its time to rise up and kick both these groups out. The Moros and the Christians should unite in lynching these people.