Thursday, November 30, 2006

A Subversive Administration

We rarely see this in modern democracies, but the Philippines whose democracy is down in the gutter is held hostage by a subversive administration. No, the communists have not taken the seat of power but coo coos in politicians clothing are scheming their way to perpetual power. In a way, you may call it a state-sponsored coup. The administration allies in the lower house of congress is trying to subvert the law by interpreting the law as they see fit. The old farts in congress think that they can change the constitution on their own. They intend to exclude both the senate and the minority bloc of the lower house in their bid to prevent a midterm election debacle and save their skins and that of their master.

Since the elections could spell disaster for the incumbent, her allies have cooked up a plan to ram through their Cha-Cha. They are now proposing a plebiscite in place of the elections. The generals and election officials implicated in the election fraud of '04 have all been promoted. The administration's cheating machinery is therefore intact and even stronger. A plebiscite is easier to cheat than the national and local elections. This is what the opposition and people are wary of.

Clearly, its the administration who is mounting a revolution. Its flexing its muscles to impose its will on the people. The stage is being set for a showdown. The remaining stumbling block and the only legal defense of the people is the Supreme Court. But even this is now in peril. The administration will stop at nothing to achieve its goal. By hook or most often than not, by crook, they must have what they want.

Subversives and rebels often belong to groups fighting the government. Only in the Philippines will you see the government trying to overthrow the people they swore to serve. What is unfolding before our very eyes is state-sponsored rebellion. A rebellion which has divided the nation and has bastardized institutions. Only here will you see terrorists, rebels and bandits in government institutions. No Jomas or Bin Ladens here, just Gloria and her minions.