Saturday, November 11, 2006

Best Of The Best ?

I almost swallowed my tongue after hearing Prospero Pichay state that the congress is best people to change the constitution because they are the best. Being elected into office does not mean you're the best. The best in making promises maybe but not the best public servants. And the best in what? So far, the lower house can only claim bragging rights to naming and renaming thousands of streets, buildings and bridges. The important laws they have passed are either to the detriment of the people or in support of the queen. And yes, they are indeed the best, the best lawyers of the illegitimate incumbent.

The claim that Con-Ass is the most efficient way to amend or revise the constitution is highly questionable. With the manner the house spends even for simple meetings is enough to feed a hungry mob. Simplicity is not in the congress's dictionary. Their continuing hunger for "pork" alone shows how greedy these people are. How on earth can they assure us that their proposals are not self-serving? Just like Singaw ng Bayad and Alapaap sa ULAP, what they espouse reeks of fraud and deceit. Its better to spend more and get the right results than spend less and get shit in return.

And how will the country reconcile the fact that there are so many political dynasties in congress. Can they assure the people that their wives, sons and daughters and even their "dummies" are the brightest in the land? Pichay must be dreaming when he uttered those words. The arrogance of the incumbents leaves a bad taste in the mouth and a terrible bum stomach. I'm not discounting the fact that there are some brilliant men and women in congress, sad to say, they are not with the administration. Let's take Lito Lapid as an example, he may, as his fans may say, a good actor but as a senator, my goodness! Boxers and other athletes can use interpreters but never a senator. I wonder how he'll do if interviewed by CNN or BBC?
How then will he contribute anything sensible to serious undertaking?

Do you think that these people entered politics to serve? Hell no, one can easily see through these people that personal interest is what drove them to run. Why is there massive poverty if these people's districts if they spend their pork properly? I can understand why opposition bailiwicks suffer, their pork is being withheld by the palace. These people in the administration is only good at lip service and during campaigns. Humility and magnanimity are virtues these people lack. Morals and values are thrown out the window once they are elected.

Are they the best? To their minds and to those who benefit from them maybe, but to the common Filipino who has to deal with desperation everyday, I don't think so. Changing the constitution is best left to people in the know, people whose integrity is without doubt, whose love for country and people can never be challenged. To leave the constitutional amendments in the hands of these people is like putting a gun to one's head. The best of the the best? Dream on, dreams are free anyway. But please, don't drag, us the hapless Filipinos in the nightmare you intend to create!