Friday, November 03, 2006

The Santiago Option: 8-7 In The SC

The lower house continues to wag their tails in preparation for the upcoming caucus called by JDV this coming Monday. They still dream of convening congress as a constituent assembly. The administration has also denied the "rift" in its ranks. The "Whip" Pichay has also denied rumors about the split in the lower house. But the question is why is the rumor persisting.

Where there's smoke there is fire and the sudden gag order on the contending parties in the cabinet is surely damage control. It has been the administration's practice to blame everything on the opposition. We are all aware of JDV's ambition to be a prime minister, and this definitely strikes fear in the Arroyos hearts. We know JDV is gifted with the political talent of reinventing himself. He will not bat an eyelash to kick GMA out just to gain political points. This also goes with GMA as she has mastered the art of double talk. Both contenders are wary of each other and therefore is watching its every move.

Now they intend to force their plan B. Hoping against hope, the lower house intends to once again circumvent the law. This is the reason why they are biding their time and wait for a "friendly" chief justice. This is strengthened by the recent inclusion of Miriam Santiago in the list of candidates for CJ. Santiago being a senator and a stakeholder is against the abolition of the senate. Her being appointed to the Supreme Court would be like hitting two birds with one stone. With her out of the way and given a more secure position, she will definitely be more friendly with the lower house.

For sure, opponents of the Cha-Cha will bring this matter to the high court. Santiago's appointment will insure the lower house's plan B will not face any opposition in the SC thus paving the way for their version of Cha-Cha. The caucus on Monday will just be a mending of ties in the administration. They have a month to iron things out as CJ Panganiban is set to retire on the 6th of December. A political blitzkrieg is in the offing.

So Cha-Cha is not finished after all, its just in hibernation. Now this scenario will definitely be something to watch out for. This is going to be a tough battle for democracy. The tyrants are covering all bases. Now arrogance has taken a backseat and real strategy is being set in motion. The people must now brace themselves for the coming assault on democracy and the constitution. The administration's stormtroopers will soon descend upon us armed with a twisted interpretation of the constitution. I hope the opposition is prepared for the onslaught.