Monday, November 20, 2006

A Regime Born From The Blood Of The People

The government's inability to address the increasing labor force has led to the policy of sending our people to work abroad. The private sector investment cannot support the influx either. The economic slowdown that we have been experiencing for the past five years has aggravated the problem. Even with the mushroom-like sprouting of call centers, we still have a huge surplus of manpower. The education sector churns out about 300,000 new graduates a year which further makes the situation more unsettling. With the precarious position the administration is in, the people had been driven to a life of desperation.

The government has no option but to make it a policy to export not our goods but our countrymen. This has somehow stemmed the tide of unemployment. The OFWs have contributed immensely to propping up the economy. They send more than $1 billion in remittances a month. Why would the government worry about the unemployment when they can simply fly around the world with their junkets and sell our people. They make continue to make money from the shattered lives of the people.

Despite the hazards our OFWs face, whether it be abuse or war, more Filipinos follow suit. Totally disregarding their wellbeing to somehow uplift the lives of their loved ones. The desperation that prevails on the hapless society has led to a brain-drain of sorts. The recent nursing exam scandal only mirrors the desperation of the ordinary Filipino. Never mind integrity and honesty, what we need are high paying jobs to meet the increasing cost of living here.

Seemingly unaffected, the administration as of late would like to turn our country into the organ sales capital of the world. They now intend to lure more dollars into the Philippines by way of selling our people's internal organs. The Department of Health in cooperation with the Department of Tourism would like to enter the realm of medical tourism. They are even pushing for the increase in organ "donation". This move would further exploit the poor whose desperate lives will be the source of the organs. I just cannot imagine how callous these people are. The Filipinos are human beings, not some butchered beast whose entrails are readily available in any market.

The reality that government has nothing to offer the people but lies and deceit, mocking the people while they enrich themselves. This regime was borne out of the exploitation of the Filipino and will continue to do so until the Filipino can give no more. Much blood had been shed to give these people the positions they enjoy now yet they abuse the very people who fought for them. The killings had begun again, curtailment of basic rights and repression is the norm. Their hands awash in the blood of those who rose and voiced their disgust. A climate of fear and intimidation now prevails, media and progressive groups bear the brunt of the administration's anger. The principled few had been whisked to isolation. Our democracy is in tatters and our "leaders" couldn't care less. Like the parasites that they are, they will continue to feed on the blood and guts of the people.