Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The PIG and Her Piglets

The lower house is dead set to ram Cha-Cha down our throats. A technical working group created by the illegitimate president. The team is composed of Nograles, Lagman, Jaraula, Pichay, Datumanong and Villafuerte. The team will be setting the stage for a cancellation of the May elections to pave the way for an interim parliament come November. They will transmitting a resolution to the COMELEC to set a date for the plebiscite. The majority bloc in the lower house is set to file a resolution to convene both houses of congress into a constituent assembly.

While they claim that questions in the recent survey were 'loaded', we must bear in mind that it was GMA who introduced the Cha-Cha in her SONA. It is also her allies in the lower house who is pushing for this. Her active participation in creating this technical working group makes her the primary sponsor of the Cha_Cha. To say that the survey questions were misleading is utter stupidity. Its clearly Gloria's Cha-Cha with her being the biggest beneficiary. Seeing how slow her 'piglets' are pushing the Cha-Cha train, she has decided to take the reins instead. She has finally shown that indeed, the Cha-Cha is her baby. Her only goal is to create a Gloria parliament.

The swines in congress are poised to feed on the nation. Their insatiable lust for power and their fear of the electorate's wrath has given them no other option to save their asses. Immoral and unconstitutional as it may be, the administration will not hesitate to employ the dirtiest tactics to get their Cha-Cha approved. Their succeess will be the demise not only of our institutions but the entire nation as well. It is up to us and nobody else. With or without the support of the military, we must stop this threat on democracy.

To postpone(?) a constitutional process such as the elections to benefit these scoundrels is an insult to the people's intelligence. We have seen the devastation this kind of greed has brought upon the nation back in 1972. To allow this rape to once again succeed is like signing our own death warrant. Its high time we the people assert our sovereign right and once and for all put an end to this hooliganism. Gloria and her gang has gone to far. The Filipino has been very patient and merciful but they should not push us to the hilt. The next people power may not be peaceful anymore. This they should consider before pushing their agenda. Mercy and forgiveness has no room for thieves of their kind.