Thursday, November 09, 2006

Pointing Fingers

Is Ermita out to take everybody out? With his latest statements in the senate, how deep is the loyalty in the palace? For a former soldier, I'm glad he was never captured by the enemy. He could have easily squealed on anybody to save his own skin.

So the saga continues on the imploding administration. Bert Gonzales might be shitting in his pants and I could almost see his blood pressure rising from what Ermita divulged in the budget hearings. This latest fiasco will have serious repercussions in the cabinet. Not only did Ermita implicate a colleague, he also exposed the ineptness of the bogus queen. This only shows how massive corruption is in the palace.

How can we as a people support a government such as this? We toil and pay astronomical taxes all to be stolen by some "crook" in public servant's clothing. Imagine how many more offices in this government are stealing from the nation's coffers. It has been reported time and again that billions are lost to corruption. Its no wonder why this continues, the palace itself has its own share of looting.

How easy it is for the Malacañang to suspend some local official who's guilt is yet to be proven when crimes are being committed in its own backyard. I wonder what other secrets the palace holds? The Ombudsman has a lot of answering to do. Cases against people close to the palace have yet to move. The Philippines has continued to ascend the ladder of infamy for corruption. Since GMA took over the helm of government, we have steadily fallen in the fight against corruption. The administration continues to lavishly spend while forcing the people to bear the brunt of its actions.

They continue to blame the opposition for the lackluster performance of our of our economy. They continue to point to political instability for our economy's takeoff when in fact it is the prevalence of corruption that dissuades investors. Now that the palace is forced to kneel to the senate for its budget, I expect more anomalies to surface.

There will be more finger pointing on the part of the cabinet and more scams will be exposed. Now the truth of looting is being proven and more officials will save their necks and rat on each other. Now it will be everyman for himself and loyalties discarded. These people has a lot of explaining to do to the taxpaying Filipino. There is really no honor among thieves. What a way to go.