Wednesday, November 15, 2006

A Jittery Palace

With Gringo Honasan's capture, the palace is jittery as ever. They are now monitoring the military camps knowing too well how influential Honasan is with the military. The AFP's hierarchy is well aware of how unstable the situation is. No amount of loyalty check would conclude that the men in uniform are loyal to the commander-in-cheat.

Esperon and his lot have caused the restiveness in the military. Allegations that the military was used in cheating in the 2004 elections continue to hound Esperon. Officer's who have decried the military's participation are now languishing in military stockades. Critics and legitimate opposition branded as destabilizers are harassed and intimidated, and most often than not, liquidated. Journalists are threatened with libel suits and death.

The administration has painted itself into a corner with its hare-brained moves. They continue to bide time and delay the inevitable. They employ tactics often used by authoritarian regimes to stay in power. But the administration has nobody to blame but themselves. They dug the hole they now find themselves in. The tide is turning and soon it will swallow this abusive regime.

This had made them more jittery. With the international community now taking notice of the happenings in our tiny country, the world this administration moves in is getting smaller by the day. Faced with this dilemma, GMA can only issue statements which she knows cannot hide the truth. She had created the ghosts that haunt her and these will lead to her demise.

The people too are biding their time. They continue to watch the events unfolding before their eyes. The simmering cauldron of disgust is about to burst. This is what the administration is closely watching. They know how unpredictable the Filipino is. Time and again, we have shown abusive leaders that our patience has its limits and GMA is no exception. No amount of smokescreen can hide the issues GMA faces. The people just don't buy their lies anymore. We cannot be cowed by their harassment and intimidation anymore.

Want to know how jittery the palace is? I can almost see them wetting their pants.