Monday, November 27, 2006

Pure Hypocrisy

As I listened to Lito Atienza discuss Charter Change, I cannot help but be sick to the gut at the hypocrisy I'm hearing. He mentioned the divisiveness of our country and how Cha-Cha could unite the nation. Pointing to the opposition, he also discussed the way partisan politics has hurt our country and how the political gridlock has hampered economic growth. He said how being a member of the 1985 Batasan has opened his eyes to the wonders of a parliamentary system. He accused those opposing Cha-Cha as lacking of love for country. He also mentioned that he is not for the extension of the tenure of any official and does not approve of canceling next year's elections. He reiterated that he and ULAP will continue to push for Cha-Cha whether it be through Con-Ass or Con-Con. He added that the sovereign will of the people must be heard.

Firstly, the divisiveness was caused by a fraudulent people power. This was admitted by no less than Mike Arroyo himself. A true democracy has checks and balances to prevent abuse. The Batasan was not a genuine parliament but a rubber stamp parliament of a dictator. I am against Cha-Cha but that doesn't mean I have lost my love for this country. I wouldn't be blogging about the social and political ailment of this country if I hate the Philippines, what I abhor is the likes of this Atienza who brands himself a patriot but a traditional politician in every sense of the word. Who is this guy fooling? Their 'grand deceptive PI' would not have been junked if they followed due process and if the true sentiments of the populace is what they were fighting for.

While he avers that he is not for the extension of the terms of those in power, why on earth would he push his son to run for mayor next year? Isn't this a kind of political dynasty thereby extending his role in politics? He is a trapo just like the rest. He is for the status quo and not for genuine change. Party politics subverted the will of the people to get to bottom of things. And my biggest question is why try to steal the Liberal Party with GMA's boys helping him? Its all for the sake of covering up the fraud that his queen, the bogus one has committed? Remember, he is an active participant of Oplan God Save the Queen. He is also a participant of state repression. Before the SC junked the CPR, he refused and openly supported the dispersal of rallies. And he wants us to believe that he is for democracy?

Just look at how he uses the popularity of Manny Pacquiao for his political gain. Even Rep. Miles Roces is guilty of this. Atienza and his ilk should not be looked up to. Their kind is one factor why the Philippines is in such a bad shape. He is not an advocate but an opportunist who toys around with his constituents' lives. Changes in Manila is nothing but aesthetic. Crime is still rampant, corruption abounds and lives of Manileños is still the same. Political dinosaurs like him has nothing in mind but staying in power. They try to circumvent the law by pushing their wives and children to run in their place. Public service is an advocacy not an enterprise. Until these people change their view on what politics is, we will never get out of this mess we are in.