Thursday, November 23, 2006

Not MEDIA Again!

A recent survey conducted by Pulse Asia showed that one out of two Filipinos distrust Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. With the claims of the palace that they have been making a steady headway towards improving the lives of the Filipinos, why would the people see it otherwise?

As if Malacañang has not had enough, it once again points to media as the culprit behind to the negative ratings of the pretender in the palace. From killing journalist to filing libel cases, media once again is made into the 'spittoon' of an inept, callous and bumbling administration. Is media really to blame for GMA's spiraling 'popularity'?

The palace has a vast array of media outfits at its beck and call. This does not count those who are sympathetic to GMA. So with this in mind, I cannot comprehend what Malacañang is whining about. Doesn't the government control three major television networks? NBN 4 actually airs nothing but how 'great' the queen of the Enchanted Kingdom is. They also have their own radio station and has a 'working' relationship with several broadsheets. It even has an office solely dedicated to addressing the media needs of GMA.

Maybe, Malacañang should berate its own media officials instead of pointing to other outfits whose funding and resources are quite limited. With a huge propaganda machine at its disposal, she should be enjoying a humongous support. But the truth is hard to hide. Good governance is actually public perception and personal experience. This is what the people have to live through everyday. So to blame others for their lackluster performance and dismal popularity is the height of arrogance and total stupidity. Point a finger and the rest points back at you.