Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Preview of How GMA's Parliament Works

The recent promotion of Esperon is the latest preview of how GMA and her minions would run a parliament. Bypassing the Commission on Appointments, she promoted Esperon to the rank of a four-star general even if his third star has yet to be approved. If in a presidential system, she railroads and cuts corners, what more with a parliament when her powers are greater.

The continued erosion of our institutions is a glaring example of a weakening democracy. This has been perhaps tha administration's gameplan all the while. Their solution, Cha-Cha. Certainly, a shift to a parliament where the powers are consolidated will only lead to abuse. The proponents of Cha-Cha and those who oppose it are still locked in battle in the Supreme Court. The SC should take note that included in the proposed "revisions" is the weakening of the Supreme Court. Checks and balances will be virtually non-existent. The SC will end up the whipping boy of parliament. They can longer judge the constitutionality of whatever the parliament decides to implement.

Accountability will be reduced or totally removed. The impeachment will be more difficult and could easily be "trashed" by a highly partisan representation. The lectorate will be relegated to spectators as direct elections will be abolished. With our currnet system, GMA had managed to impose EOs which violate the constitution. Although deemed unconstitutional by the SC, GMA simply renames the EO and even adds provisions that make accountability even harder.

If our current system cannot make accountable those who commit injustice to the people, the proposed revisions will tie the hands of the complainant/people. The lower house at present has made a mockery of the constitutional process of impeachment. They are also pushing for Cha-Cha. With the way they conduct themselves, how will the rights of the people be protected?

GMA has the makings of a dictator. Her arrogance has clipped the wings of accountability. Her minions in congress are mere lapdogs who are only as good/worse as the hand that feeds them. Conscience is of no concern anymore, political survival is their main goal. So to save their master and themselves, they too proposes their own Cha-Cha.

As the the fight for Cha-Cha nears its end, let us bear in mind the perils the country will face. We do not need another dictatorship. The greed of our "leaders" for power is so strong that we, the people should be wary of this Trojan Horse they call Charter Change. We have seen how this administration has abused its power, to give it more will be like surrendering our freedom.

Cha-Cha is for those who seek permanent power. I shudder at the thought that the future of my children will be in the hands of those who are in power now. The hardship we experience today will still hound our children as the rotten people in government will remain. Direct elections is still the way to go. To put your fate in people you don't know is utter stupidity.

The past six years has been our window to how this administration works. Her actions and demeanor has shown you what she can offer. Would you like to see more of these or would you settle with a system though wanting in amendments, offers more room for democracy to flourish than a system built on greed. Its now a battle of good and evil. I know which side I'm on.