Friday, September 08, 2006

Credibility and Integrity in the 13th Congress

The Arroyos finally came out swinging. Smoked from its burrow, the Arroyos are in a fighting mood. They are out to hang Cong. Alan Peter Cayetano who have alleged that they have an account in a German bank. Aside from filing a libel case against Cong. Cayetano, they have now filed a complaint with the House Ethics Committee. It now changes the whole picture as Cong. Cayetano now has a forum to finally present the evidence the minority fought hard to be presented during the botched second impeachment.

But it seems to public perception that this complaint has been pre-judged by the said committee. Several congressmen in a show of support, even accompanied and even gave statements in support of the Arroyos. How then could we expect the proceedings to be credible? Would be another numbers game? The administration bloc had time and again shown us how morality has no place in the lower house. Remember, what is legal is not always moral and what is true can always be made false by sheer numbers.

I caught Ricky Carandang's show where he had Cong. Etta Rosales and Rudy Antonino as his guests. I also caught portions of his interview with Cong. Cayetano. What struck me the most is how Antonino lawyered for the Arroyos. Even to the point of saying his intuition tells him that the Arroyos are more credible than Cong. Cayetano. He followed this up by saying that he had known Mike for a long time and that he has the right to protect his good name. Good name? Now to me, after what he said, he should inhibit himself from the case. So are those who accompanied Mike when he filed his complaint in a show of support. (Antonino, Macarambon, Suarez, Veloso, Raul Gonzalez, Jr.) They can say they'll be impartial but no one would believe them.

Congressional integrity is at stake with this complaint. It is a known fact that congress had not lifted a finger nor condemned any action against its members who belong to the minority bloc. Is this the fair, just and impartial congress which the majority would like to portray? They did not raise a howl when Cong. Hontiveros-Baraquel was physically thrown into the back of a police van and yet remained silent on a sexual harassment case against one of the "old" members of the majority. It seems that if you are with the opposition, you have to fend for yourself, but if you belong to the "trapos", you'll be treated with respect and protected by your peers.

The majority insists that the lower house has credibility and integrity. Why then are they so anxious to push their Cha-Cha? Its obvious that this is their last ride and to hold elections in May would be catastrophic to their political ambitions. They know quite well that the people no longer believe in their so-called credibility and integrity. If we hold the elections now, for sure these people will be thrown out of office by their constituents.

From cover-ups to lawyering for the Arroyos, they have actually done nothing but to tell the world that they are righteous and just. That they can never be removed from their mighty perches because they have the numbers. They they can twist the law to suit their liking. I think its the lower house we should abolish and not the senate as they have practically done nothing for the the country than travel the world in the guise of attending conferences and seminars. Go on junkets with their beloved pretender. And whose money do they spend? Unfortunately ours, the taxpayer.

This is the worst congress we've ever had. What we have are lapdogs that had made a mockery of the institution. Its worthy of the number 13, just like Judas who for a few pieces of gold sold his soul to the devil. I hope they do a Judas too and hang themselves. But it seems Judas has more guts to face his conscience unlike this so-called representatives who continue to misrepresent the people all for the name of greed. Credibilty, integrity, this are virtues the lower house is completely devoid of.

Now, is there any credibility and integrity in the 13th Congress? Nah, nada, zilch, nil, zero!