Friday, September 15, 2006

All For Show!

As expected, Gen. Hermogenes Esperon blamed the Communist "purge" of the spate of killings that has been taking place in the country. Facing the Melo Commission, he pointe to the CPP-NPA as the culprits in the unabated killings that had taken more than 740 lives. Point a finger and the other four points back at you.

Esperon also stressed that being a signatory to the United Nations Human Rights Commission, they are duty-bound to uhold human rights. He also pointed out that they do not consider militant groups as enemies of the state. But he added that these organizations are CPP-NPA fronts. To my mind, indeed militant groups are enemies of the state. So what if we are a signatory to the UNHRC, the UN can only condemn and not prosecute offenders. They can sanction but still, it does not carry any weight. The administration can always ask for support from other nations who espouse dictatorial rule.

The Amnesty International had also "suggested" guidelines to make the Melo Commission credible. But even before this recommendation reached the commission, Norberto Gonzalez was quick to point out some elements of the AI tends to politicize things. It seems that GMA's emergency meeting with AI was all for show. Its commonly called photo-ops or pogi points in street parlance.

So far, all the administration has done were to make fools of people to say that it is doing something to address the country's woes. Her invitation for these observers to oversee the invewstigations are merely for show. Her insincerity is just too glaring to overlook. Witness protection is also non-existent here. This is the reason why witnesses would rather keep to themselves the atrocities they have seen. Witnesses are either placed in storage or worse, just disappears.

The Justice Deparment too has a habit of conducting witch hunts and fabricating and ressurecting dead cases to harass and intimidate the legal opposition. Evidences and even witnesses here are fabricated to prop up the DoJ's allegations. So how do really expect to get to the bottom of things if due process is mangled and individual rights trampled upon?

The International Criminal Court is the best and most credible body to undertake fact-finding and investigative process. Their hearings are victim-based and unbiased. No government-sponsored commission will succeed in this country. If the executive can render a co-equal inutile, what more than a mere toothless commission. The government's continued refusal to sign the Rome Statute which will place the Philippines under the ICC's jurisdiction only shows their fear of being exposed as the biggest human rights violator in the country.

So if this government truely want to ferret out the truth, go ahead, sign the Rome Statute and clear your name in the international court. If you don't, then speculations against this administration will continue. The cloud of doubt will never clear and people both here and abroad will forever look upon you with distrust.