Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Perversion of Democracy: Resolution 123(0)

In a masterstroke worthy of the best criminal minds, the Committee on Constitutional Amendments passed Resolution 1230. Voting 30-7, the majority once again demonstrated how these political perverts work. Taking only a minute to approve and 3 hrs. debating of what title should be given to the resolution. It was another numbers game and they have no qualms admitting it. Honor and integrity had been thrown out, lust for money and power now spews out from the bowels of congress.

Nograles had the slip of the tongue during an interview and said admitted the reason for their urgency in passing the resolution was because time is running out. He added that their term would be over by June and they must convene the congress at the soonest possible time. Out from the horse's mouth, indeed their only consideration is to hold on to power and not the people's welfare. JDV, and the pretender must now be overjoyed by the resolution's approval. But the last line of defense could be the senate whom they have yet to convince to toe the line of the moral dwarf in the palace.

Jaraula didn't fair better as Aguja insisted and proved that the process was indeed railroaded by the majority. Try as he might, he had been cornered and had to result to making flimsy excuses on why the sudden urgency to approve Resolution 123(0). It can be debated in the plenary he said, but with their overwhelming numbers, what would prevent them from calling for a vote? We all know they cannot take their sweet time deliberating. With their perverted view of the consitution as always, they can always get what they want with impunity. To hell with public hearings, what are they in power for?

Like vampires, the majority continues to bleed the Filipino dry of its senses, imposing whatever they wish upon the populace. What kind of perverts has democracy bred? I can just imagine the majority salivating at the prospect of perpetual power. They say that we, the people can always reject their proposed amendments thru a plebiscite. With distrust and disgust, I would say that they have already rigged the outcome this early which is why they are so confident their Choo-Choo will be ratified. By hook or by crook, they must succeed.

Power corrupts but in the Philippines' case, our "trapos" are inherently corrupt. The die had been cast, mere vigilance will not suffice anymore. What is needed now is to face this assault on democracy head on. All who oppose those who mocks our constitution must now band together before we are all raped by these perverts in the majority. Like a hoard of hungry cannibals, they could not care less if they have to devour their fellowman for their greed for power.