Sunday, September 17, 2006

Chilling Effect: Terrorizing the Enemy

Intimidations, veiled threats, libel suits, suspensions and AFP rationalization are just a few of the administration's latest tactics to finally silence its most ardent critics. We first dealt with abductions, extra-judicial killings and illegal arrests. Instilling terror/fear has been the main goal of this administration and its cohorts. Even those "close" to the pretender has abused our legal system. Even if the Supreme Court has ruled on some of the tactics employed by this regime, they continue to make a mockery of our constitution.

All these were used to create a culture of fear. Media has not remained untouched. Journalists are also subjected to these kinds of practice. All those who speak out against this administration and its minions are either "silenced" or harassed with libel cases. Even the most absurd reasoning has been used to leave a chilling effect on media.

The Department of Justce has been used as a tool to rid this administration of its critics. The rule of law is applied at the whimsical caprice of the palace. Justice only serves those in power. And those who disagree are left to be devoured by the administration. Even the opposition in congress was not spared. Trumped charges of inciting to rebellion faced the lawmakers.

The mighty pork barrel, the bread and butter of the ordinary citizen has been used to hostage representatives and their constituents. To be an oppositionist means the death of your district. This is how the administration "whips" its members to keep in line. The pork holds the key to a congressman's success, fearing its loss would render the representative morally inutile. With only a very few exposed die-hard supporters of GMA, one would wonder how many are silently suffering while swallowing this bitter pill called pork.

The administration has graduated to a new level and is employing the latest tactic called suspension. Local executives whom they perceive as opposition are targetted for silencing. After Mayor Trinidad has been dispatched, Mayor Binay is next in line. With the prospect of taking over a mayoralty post, any ambitious low ranking officer would readily jump at this opportunity. With the support of the DILG, the complainant need not worry about finding evidences to back his claim. All he needs to to is to affix his signature on the complaint.

Former president Aquino has been stripped of her only remaining security officer, so are other officals who have gone against the current dispensation. These soldiers providing security were recalled due to the AFP's rationalization program. If so, why does FVR continue to have his security detail? Then its safe to say that even various programs of this government is selective as well.

While pressure mounts against those who oppose GMA, her vindictiveness is slowly being exposed. Soon, fear will be replaced by terror as she let's loose her minions who will overrun the nation. Maybe before that day dawns on us, the sleeping populace will wake up from its apathetic slumber.

*No. of victims of extra-judicial killings: 748 (and still rising) Yr. 2001 - present
*No. of missing: 175
*No. of cases solved: 0
*No. of Journalist killed: 76
*No. of Libel cases filed against journalists: 43 (from FG alone)
*No. of Opposition Mayors suspended: 1 (soon to be 2)
*No. of Congressmen lined up for expulsion: 1
*No. of Congressmen accused of rebellion: 6