Friday, September 15, 2006

GMA's Stench Reaches Distant Shores

It seems that accusations of political killings will hound GMA throughout her European tour. After being criticized by Finland's premier, she then was reminded by EU Commission President, Jose Manuel Barroso that the continued killings of militants and journalists is a matter of concern for the European Union.

Protesters composed of Filipinos, Belgians and Dutch did not let the opportunity pass as they made GMA feel their sentiments. Even members of the Belgian and Flemish parliament joined the protests. Bearing placards and banners denouncing the spate of extra-judicial killings, they lambasted the pretender and her military henchmen. There was no CPR in Brussels to silence the crowd. Even the threat of arrest did not deter the protesters from letting GMA know how they felt. The Filipino security aides of GMA were helpless, nice to know that there is democracy in Europe.

It seems that she will not have a peaceful trip after all as even Filipinos in Britain are preparing a "warm welcome" for her. No amount of deodorant will overpower the "stench" that she carries with her wherever she goes. Try as she might, she couldn't hide the fact that her notoriety had preceded her and that the Europeans are neither deaf nor blind of the events in the Philippines. At least, her European trip is far smoother than facing the ire of the those wanting to pounce on her had she attended the United Nations General Assembly.

Even the Bolante affair followed her on her trip. Filipinos in the US are well aware of the Fertilizer Scam and are closely monitoring his immigration case. Let's see how her US trip will go. Would the Fil-Ams be kinder to her or would she have to endure a new round of protests when she crosses the Atlantic or would the stench follow her on this trip too?

*Photos courtesy of Anna de Brux. Additional reports and photos can be found at the Arkibong Bayan website.